Sunday, September 13, 2015

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The President's is my neighbor

I live in an area called Diego Martin. It is across the major road from the school and the neighborhood called Westmoorings. The newly elected President lives in my neighborhood. 

Today I was at the home of friends of John and Bridget (my neighbors). There was a rally for the winning party and the president was in the car waving and shaking hands. Just something a little different from home.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Photo walking - and MONKEYS!

My neighbor and co-worker John and I took a drive around Chaguaramas.

We went to the bamboo cathedral with the intent of seeing monkeys, and ... we did! Red howler monkeys.  We were quite and took lots of pictures. They knew we were there and eventually started throwing mangoes at us. We decided it was time to leave. We didn't want them to start throwing other things.  Here is the album of our pictures.
Baby Monkey
I see you
I throw mangoes at you
Amazing tree

Saturday, September 5, 2015

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Hiking is serious business here in Trinidad

We took a hike today. It was tougher than advertised, but it was pretty amazing. We hiked over a mountain to the beach in Maracas Bay.  It took about 3 hours. Here is the picture album from the day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Paperwork, Dress code

Thee is quite a bit of paperwork we need. To get our visas we had to start at the Dr. and get x-rays.
Private hospital x-ray room
The x-rays and the Dr. had to be located here in Trinidad. Because US doctors don't use stamps. Every official piece of paper here has a stamp. No stamp, no good.

 For our visit to the immigration office we were told to make sure our work permit was in our passport together with the bond document (required by the government. The school had to have proof that it was responsible for us financially). We also needed to walk with a copy of your lease and rent receipt, which we could get from the school accounts office. We needed proof of funds (our appointment letter or first payslip, we could also get this from the school Accounts Department). We needed passport pictures x 2 per person. We needed to make a copy of the bio data page of our passport. We needed to take originals and copies. The copies will go into out immigration file. We needed to be sure we received/asked for the health stamp as immigration at the Airport required this, but the office sometimes forgot to give it to us. We also would have to leave our passports with Immigration for 1 week.

dress code sign
Immigration Office Dress Code
All official offices have a dress code. Sleeves are required. No shorts, skirts to your knees, no slippers (flip-flops). People are turned away if they are not dressed properly. All offices have notices outside letting the public know about the dress code.