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Guaguas de pan. #leighec

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My surprise marriage and quick return to singlehood

As of 2:30 yesterday I became officially single. It took the help of my school and a trip to 3 different ministry offices. My school sent a representative to accompany me on my travers through north Quito. At 8:30 we reached office #1 where they asserted that it was not the correct office and they could not help (even though the schools lawyer and various notary offices said it was where we needed to go). They wouldn't let us talk to someone and sent us to office #2. Office #2 let us meet with someone who pulled up my records, however they were my immigration and visa records. The first showed me as single and the second doesn't collect marital status. And my marital status was wrong in the notary system. So off to office #3. Again this office wouldn't move us on to speak with someone because, this time, I was not Ecuadorian and I did not have an Ecuadorian ID. So they sent us back to office #1. At office #1 we again pled our case to the appointment gatekeepers and they