Food, Food, and more FOOD!

Jesse James is a local who runs a private taxi service called Members Only Maxi Taxi. Jesse has an outstanding reputation and is known by everyone in the expat community here in Trinidad. He is the one who picks us up from the Airport when we arrive for the first time. He also runs many tours. A group of us from school went on his Taste Trini Tour. All 9 of us met at the school at 7:30 am on a Saturday and the adventure began. We started in Port of Spain and made our way east to Mayaro. Here is a rough map of our trip.

We stopped multiple times. Most times Jesse jumped out, bought the food, returned to the van and passed out portions. I sat in the co-pilots seat. It became my job to document what we were eating both by name and by picture. I also helped out cutting portions and passing the plate. By lunch we were so full. It was tough to contemplate eating the Roti.  The sites were amazing. It was so interesting to listen to Jesse tell us about Trinidad and the places we were passing as well as stories about the food. Here is a link to the food with labels and in the order of consumption.

Brazil nuts


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