South American Summer part 1 fine dining in Peru

This summer was filled with travel. My friend Greta invited me to join her on her 3 country 4 week trip. We started the day school got out. We left that night for Lima Peru. We stayed in a cute 1 bedroom airbnb Our purpose in Lima was to eat. Not sight see. We started on our arrival with ceviche and pisco sours.
Pisco sour


The next day we had 2 spectacular meals. We started with lunch at Maido. We made reservations more than a month in advance to make sure we could eat here. Maido is one of the 50 best restaurant in Latin America from 2017 and one of the 50 world's best restaurants of 2019.  We had the full tasting menu and wine parings. The food was playful and tasty. The wine parings were botique wines and all were chosen for how they would go with the food. The wait staff was fun and very interested in discussing our experience and reactions to the food. 


That night we went back for even more food. We went to Central one of 2017's 50 world's best restaurants.   Central was the most expensive dining experience out of the entire summer. The dining concept was to tour the regions of Peru and their altitudes. The dinner was visually entertaining, but overall the food was not memorable. I think if we had gone to Central before Maido, I might have enjoyed it more. I didn't find the dishes to be tasty. The wait staff seemed rushed and stuffy.  After our experience at Maido where we had fun and enjoyed discussing the food, it was a let down.


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